Simple Tips For Quicker Breast Enlargement

In this post I’d like to talk about a subject that’s been on my mind lately. And that is how much you need to hustle in order to grow bigger boobs.

Now I’m a little skeptical, as one should always be, but either way – let’s get into it.

You know, entrepreneurship has become quite popular these days with the rise of Facebook, Google, Amazon, Twitter, etc…

People love to aspire to be an entrepreneur and then you have guys the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk who are like preachers of entrepreneurship.

A lot of them preach about “hustle” and working hard. Whatever the fuck that is, but I want to take a step back and examine what a real entrepreneur is.

Is an entrepreneur someone who just runs businesses for the sake of running businesses? Someone creative who uses his creativity within the context of a business? Someone who extorts others for his own financial gain?

Whatever your definition may be, an entrepreneur is a business person.

Typically, the road to becoming an entrepreneur is undefined. Some entrepreneurs did very well in school, most did not.

Whether it’s Vanderbilt who was illiterate in 1794, Rockefeller who dropped out of high school in 1856, Henry Ford who dropped out of elementary school in the 1870s, Carnegie who worked as a delivery boy from the age of 12, all the way to Gates, Bezos, Zuckerberg, and Buffett who were prodigy students that opted out of school.

It seems that entrepreneurship is not something you teach, or learn in school – but something you learn in life.

It’s not “inherited”, neither is it in one’s genes. Although that could be argued.

Vanderbilt’s dad was a sail boat entrepreneur. Rockefeller’s dad was a con man. But then again back then, there wasn’t many jobs – so by definition, everyone in the US was an entrepreneur.

Back to the point of hustle and breast growth.

So how much should you hustle? I’d say very little, to be honest.

In part, the CEO of the company should be the hardest working person. That’s true, but “hard work” is subjective.

If you spend all day running around to meetings, and answering calls & e-mails, and all this other shit – there’s very little time for planning and creativity.

Rockefeller, the wealthiest man who ever lived, had a very lenient work ethic.

He routinely woked up at around 7 AM, went to the office, worked out, had his barber shave him, and by 9 AM his work day started.

At noon, he’d go home for about 3 hours for lunch and would play with his kids and ride horses. He’d then take a nap, and would resume his work day at around 5 PM until 8 PM or so.

At which point, he’d take a nap, eat dinner and go to sleep.

That accounts for a whole 6 hours of actual work time. Far from the 12 – 15 hours that get constantly preached in today’s world.

One could argue that communication was much slower back then, and so you didn’t have to answer 1,000 e-mails or make 50 phone calls (as was the case with Donald Trump in the 80’s) or a modern entrepreneur would have to do.

But then again, Warren Buffett doesn’t have neither an e-mail nor a computer. And he’s built the 3rd largest company in the world.

So take what you hear with a grain of salt.

Here are some more tips –